On The Road For Good

On the Road FOR GOOD

When you come to a fork in the road, take it.
So, I’m buying a trailer, loading up my dogs, and heading out on the road - for good.


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I’ve come to a fork in the road.
I could keep doing what I’ve been doing: board one more long flight to somewhere, chase someone else’s assignment, meet their deadlines. 5o countries and 47 states so far. I’ve certainly been there. I’ve done that.

Instead, I’ve decided to hook up a trailer, call my dogs, and begin something new. I’ve met fun, wonderful people throughout my career, working hard to heal our communities. They are professionals, non-profits, volunteers, and they could use our help. So I’ll search for them, tell their stories, and share my journey with you.

Who am I?  I’m Lisa. I’m an award winning producer, creative director, photographer. I’m our country’s first and only female National Photographer of the Year. I run a small media company in the Pacific Northwest. My dogs? They’ve won awards too, but more about them soon. Let me tell you a bit more about my plans.




My mission is simple.
Help good people who are doing good things. Meet them. Understand what good they do. Offer support. Share my journey along the way.

I’ve met many people like this already. I’ve helped with web designs, video productions, and fund raising.

On the Road for Good will be for everyone who wants to go with me, searching for people serving others. We will live on social media. We will build an online community of friends who are along for the ride, and most importantly - for good.

Every new “destination” will include behind the scenes narratives of my journey. I’ll shine a light on the people I meet and their worthy missions. And, we will give them something to help with their projects. We will offer a product, a “deliverable” - a video, marketing or branding help, photographs, equipment, fund raising - whatever we can.  So, let’s go on the road, have an adventure, serve good people, and build a community.

I’m planning my first trip. Want to join me?

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