On The Road For Good



NOV' 18


In memory of J. Allan Berglund Feb. 5, 1934 - Sept. 19, 2018


Dear Dad,

Living out of a suitcase never appealed to you. You preferred comfort - Rice Krispies in the morning, a perfectly organized sock drawer, and air conditioners. I know it was hard for you to understand my yearning for travel. “Don’t you get tired of it all? Ecuador one day? Cambodia the next?” I know I gave you more than one of those gray hairs. But you wore them well. And deep down, you were proud.

This next big adventure is dedicated to you, Dad. Thank you for building a strong foundation. Thank you for your patience, your worry, and for always welcoming me home. Thank you for holding on a little too long. And thank you for letting go, so that I could find my own way.

You taught me that goodness will persist in any situation. That things are never as bad as they seem. We don’t know how our days will unfold, but we should live as best we can with kindness, respect, and gratitude.

Life is good. Time is short. So be grateful…and jump in.